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Velocraft VK2 for sale

Model: VK2
Manufacturer: Velokraft, ul. Długopolska 64, 32-087 Zielonki, Poland
Year of manufacture: 2008
Руль - хомяк


“The Rolls Royce of bicycles”

From Hetchins Magnus Opum Millennium :
“The Rolls Royce of bicycles” is an oft-used description of Hetchins, one of the most iconic British marques. The elaborately carved lugs and ‘curly’ stays that are characteristic of Hetchins frames are truly awe-inspiring, especially when coupled with their Latin model designations.
Hyman ‘Harry’ Hetchins escaped to England around 1917, a refugee of the Russian Revolution and opened a music shop in Tottenham, in London’s north, in 1922. Aside from sheet music and gramophones, and as a result of him also being a keen cyclist, Harry also began selling bicycles.
Hetchins Magnus Opum Millennium


Покупка керамического "чего-то там" в комплекте с камнями и "ботворезом" для засолки капусты и огурцов в домашних условиях. Из Германии от www.ms-steinzeug.com .

Даже не знаю, как я дошел до поиска в сети какого-либо решения для засолки капусты в домашних условиях. Видимо было предчувствие, что оно есть.